Integrated Curriculum

Planning for Integrating Educational Technology Into Teaching

     When developing lesson plans integrating educational technology into teaching and learning activities, the following TIP model will help guide your planning; using practical steps to address strengths and weaknesses of technology integration along with strategies to ensure its success. 


        (Picture reference: Roblyer, M., Chapter 2. p.51)

Phase 1 Focus: What is my technological pedagogical content knowledge?

Questions to ask yourself:

a. What is my knowledge of the content area I am teaching?
b. What is my understanding of the representation of concepts using technologies such as: knowledge of what makes concepts difficult or easy to learn; how technology can help redress some of the problems that students face; knowledge of students' prior knowledge; and knowledge of how technologies can be used to build on existing knowledge and develop new or strengthen old ones (Koehler & Mishra, 2008)
c. What are the best times and ways to integrate technology into the lesson?
d. What are the advantages of integrating technology into this lesson?

Phase 2 Focus: Why should I use a technology-based method?

Questions to ask yourself:

a. What are my current teaching problems and are there technology-based methods that may offer good solutions?
b. What are the objectives and assessment methods best suited to this integration?

Phase 3 Focus: How will I know students have learned?

Questions to ask yourself:

a. What are the skills I want my students to learn from the technology-integrated lesson?
b. How will I design ways to assess how well students have learned and how effectively the activity has been carried out?

Phase 4 Focus: What teaching strategies and activities will work best?

Questions to ask yourself:

a. What are my own teaching strategies and activities that would work best with this approach?
b. What are the characteristics of my topic and the needs of my students that are affected by the instructional desisgn I choose?

Phase 5 Focus: Are essential conditions in place to support technology integration?

Questions to ask yourself:

a. Have I organized the teaching environment so that technology plans can be carried out effectively? In other words, have I prepared a healthy teaching environment that provides effective technology integration?
b. Do I have adequate hardware, software, and technical support available to me?
c. Has the school and/or district provided the essential conditions to make this kind of integration possible?

Phase 6 Focus: What worked well?  What could be improved?

Questions to ask yourself:

a. What should be changed to make the lesson work better next time?
b. What do my students and other observers have to say about what they think could be improved?
c. What are the pros and cons of the technology that was used in this lesson?


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