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Resources submitted by Kelly Conway: CIT 609, Curriculum Design I, Nova Southeastern University

The jigsaw classroom is a cooperative learning technique with a three-decade track record of successfully reducing racial conflict and increasing positive educational outcomes. Just as in a jigsaw puzzle, each piece--each student's part--is essential for the completion and full understanding of the final product.

Creative Thinking Techniques: Brainstorming and how to make it work with collaboration groups  Educational games to check for fluency and accuracy of knowledge in various subject areas K-12 as well as AP, IB, and College level courses. Fun interactive games for sensation and perception in the field of psychology. psychology games that test memory an interactive game on negative reinforcement principles.  You actually receive a diploma when you graduate from the university.


Resources submitted by Dr. Donna Starr: CIT 609, Curriculum Design I, Nova Southeastern University


A resource guide for tips (dos and don’ts) for developing Web sites. 
A video tutorial for evaluating Web sites located at: 
A checklist created by Vance Stevens to guide you in evaluating your own Web site:  


Resources submitted by Tarsha Davis, CIT 609, Curriculum Design I, Nova Southeastern University

Loved this site because it is free to teachers!  Students can publish cards, posters, storybooks, etc.

Free interactive and test prep games for English

This one helps worldwide hunger.  Just play the English Game with each correct response, 10 grains of rice are donated to UN World Food Program.  Each time you click the correct response the questions become more difficult.

This website is great for creating your own diagrams, charts, etc for presentations.

Can be used where groups of people can collaborate/brainstorm.

Resources submitted by Sylvana Da-Fonseca: CIT 609, Curriculum Design I, Nova Southeastern University


Game Classroom (
Game Classroom is a place for K-6 students to find high-quality educational games to practice their math and language arts skills. They can also find homework help, sample problems, and online resources for parents and teachers.

Review Game Zone (
Create free educational review games and quizzes in minutes using this free online game creator. Teachers can input review questions, choose from a variety of online game formats and store the quizzes online for students to access for review. There is also a database of games that are already created over a wide variety of subjects such as math, English, business, history, and economics. (
This site has a collection of hundreds of free math and phonics worksheets, math and phonics games, and grammar quizzes. The worksheets are auto-generated so that you can customize them to meet your needs. The online games have brilliant graphics that are sure to capture your students’ attention.

SchoolExpress (
This site has thousands of free printable worksheets, games, activities, quizzes, flash cards, thematic units, and more. Materials for hundreds of subjects, topics, and themes are available. (
This site provides free access to more than 28,000 lesson plans, 7000 printable worksheets, rubrics, teaching tips, educational games, and webquests.

KidsHealth (
You can find in-depth features, articles, animations, games, and resources developed by experts in the health of children and teens. Don’t forget to check out the How the Body Works movies and the Mission Nutrition game.

Resources submitted by Marisa Harriott: CIT 609, Curriculum Design I, Nova Southeastern University - Educational Games - Free Kids Educational Games
Knowledge Adventure is an educational software featuring downloadable educational games and demos in 3D virtual worlds. Adventure based learning games to help children learn while having fun.  These games help kids learn many of the skills needed throughout their early childhood education. - Arcademic Skill Builders: Online Educational Video Games
Arcademic Skill Builders are online educational video games that offer a powerful approach to learning basic math, language arts, vocabulary, and thinking skills. - Flashcards: matching, hangman, crossword, word search, word scramble. You can use your computer to display a stack of "virtual cards" which contain information about a certain subject.  You can review the information at your own pace discarding the cards you've learned and keeping the ones you still need to review. - Braingle: Brain Teasers, Puzzles, Riddles, Trivia and Games
Good challenges for those that are excelling in regular class assignments.  These can be used as enrichment activities. - Educational Videos for Kids about Science, Math, Social Studies and English
A database of free educational videos, games, lessons, quizzes, and puzzles for students from K - 12.