Integrated Curriculum

Video Projects

Title: A Monarch Butterfly Movie Project
Content Area/Topic: Science/biology
Grade Level: Elementary

NETS for Students;
Standard 2 (Communication and Collaboration)
Standard 3 (Technology Operations and Concepts)

Description of Standards Applications: This integration lesson offers students the opportunity to use video-editing software to document, research, and present the process of metamorphosis.  This project helps students gain more insight into the process of metamorphosis than would be possible viewing it via traditional methods.  They collect Monarch butterfly eggs and create a digital movie of the stages as the eggs grow to become butterflies.

Instruction: Students begin by visiting several Internet sites to learn about monarch butterflies.  Then they collect the eggs and set up the environment in which the cocoons will grow.  The teacher helps them position the camera to film the development of the butterfly as it goes through the four stages of metamorphosis.  After they capture the process, the teacher shows students a speeded up version, and they discuss what they are seeing, using correct scientific terms.  They write up their findings and place them and the movie on a web page to share with other classes.

Assessment: A rubric is used to evaluate students' work skills and involvement in the learning activities.

Sources: Stuhlmann, J. (1997).  Butterflies: Using multimedia to capture a unique science project.  Learning and Leading with Technology, 25 (3), 22-27; and Hoffenburg, H., & Handler, M. (2001).  Digital video goes to school. learning and Leading with Technology, 29 (2), 10-15.